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Weekly competition results for the current season are displayed below. To save or print the results click on the relevant Week in the Current Results Archive.

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See Other Results for Special Events and Results Archives. Records and Awards can be found at the bottom of this page.

Past Results

Past weekly competition results are displayed below. To save or print the results click on the relevant Week in the Past Results Archive.

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Other Results

Results for other events (see below for archived historical results).

Results Archives

Archived historical results.

SAMA Records & Awards

SAMA Records

SAMA Awards

State / Club Records

The historical and current South Australian State Age Group (SAG) records (SAMA Club Records) can be viewed here.

All SAMA and ASA members are eligible to set new SAG Records, but in doing so the Rules for Setting Records must be complied with. Where applicable, records can only be accepted when Masters Technical Specifications are used.

A ruling was made by the SAMA Committee in September 2022 regarding the Inclusion of Indoor Performances in the SAMA Records.

If you believe that you have set a new Club Record, please notify the SAMA Records Officer ( see Other Contacts ). We try to keep aware of new record performances, but the onus is on the athlete achieving the record to ensure that it is notified to the SAMA Records Officer for ratification.

SAMA Athletics Awards

Each year awards are made for athletic excellence in our club. Starting from 2022, the award period will be aligned with the competition seasons, commencing at the completion of Summer season/commencement of Winter season in late April and concluding after the completion of the Summer Season in April of the following year. Click here for information on the Criteria for SAMA Athletics Awards.

The awards ceremony will take place each year at a social event for all members either in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting or separately at a similar time of the year.

A summary of the SAMA Awards for 2022-23 which were presented at the AGM / Awards Dinner on 16 June 2023 is available to download.

SAMA Achievers Award

In 2020 the SAMA Achievers Award was introduced to recognise individual athletes who strive from week to week to improve their performance ratings but who may not necessarily be at a “high” standard.

The Achievers Award will be applicable only to financial members of SA Masters Athletics (SAMA) and based on their performances during the weekly SAMA competitions.

The Awards criteria have been revised in September 2023 and the changes will commence in the Summer 2023/24 season. Click here for full details of the SAMA Achievers Award.

Recent winners of the SAMA Achievers Awards can be viewed here.

SAMA Hall of Fame

SAMA has established a Hall of Fame to recognise those outstanding individuals that can be held up as role models for the sport of Masters Athletics in South Australia. Specifically:

  • athletes who have demonstrated sustained performances at high levels in the sport of Masters Athletics; and
  • administrators that have made an extraordinary, inspirational and dedicated personal contribution to Master Athletics and its development in South Australia and at an Australian level.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Click here for a listing of all Inductees into the SAMA Hall of Fame, including their biography, statistics and official citations.

2022 AMA Hall of Fame Inductee George White (Athlete and Administrator) automatically qualified for the SAMA Hall of Fame, as did Ann Cooper (Athlete) who was inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame in 2009.

Once ratified by the SAMA Committee and inducted at an AGM or at another appropriate occasion, all SAMA Hall of Fame Inductees will be listed together with their citations.

The SAMA Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame will be an elite body with a limited membership based on stringent criteria principally based on performances or activities at state, national and international levels. It will have a status above that of Life Member. The objective of the Hall of Fame is not to recognise longevity of participation or service.

The following is a summary of the key aspects of the Hall of Fame (for a more complete description refer to the SAMA Hall of Fame Nomination Criteria)

There shall be two types of membership (which may be combined):

  • Athlete
  • Administrator

Nomination can be by any member of SAMA other than the individual being nominated and it must be endorsed by the Hall of Fame Committee. Nominations will be called for by the SAMA Secretary annually, and must be made using the Hall of Fame Nomination Form, with submissions to be received for consideration prior to the next AGM.

There were two inaugural inductees to the Hall of Fame. These are the two SAMA Members who have been inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame, with both meeting the SAMA requirement that their contributions were largely in South Australia.
Inductee No. 1: Ann Cooper
Inductee No. 2: George White
The following six inductees were presented at the 2023 AGM.
Inductee No. 3: Sylvia White
Inductee No. 4: Wendy Ey
Inductee No. 5: Frank Rogers
Inductee No. 6: Peter Sandery
Inductee No. 7: John Hore
Inductee No. 8: Miriam Cudmore

Members are welcome to submit nominations using the appropriate forms for consideration in subsequent years.

Nomination for the Hall of Fame is only available after a minimum of 12 years regular participation or involvement covering at least 3 age groups. For administrators, achievement from personal effort or initiative is essential, in particular significant contributions to the profile or development of the sport of Masters Athletics. Long-service is not sufficient in itself. The required length of involvement/service may be reduced where the career of the nominated individual was cut short by major injury, illness or death.

Athlete Nominees

Demonstrated ongoing achievements at a significant level in Masters Athletics is an essential criterion for nominated athletes – this is principally through the setting of records at state, national and world levels, and medal placings (particularly winning) at the AMA, Oceania and World Championships. Medal performances at Australian Masters Games will be considered at a lower level. Performances and records may include those achieved as a member of relay teams. The assessment should consider an individual’s ongoing dominance of an event or events, and isolated outstanding performances are not considered sufficient for acceptance into the Hall of Fame.

Administrator Nominees

Substantial and outstanding contributions and achievements to the management and development of Masters Athletics as a result of exceptional personal effort and initiative are essential criteria for an administrator nominee to the Hall of Fame. Such contributions should principally be in South Australia however, contributions interstate and at national and international level of the sport would be a major bonus. It is important to note that long-service is not sufficient in itself, and also that any contributions do not have to be made in a continuous block of time.

Combined Athlete/Administrator Nominees

Where a nominee to the Hall of Fame has achieved significant athletic performances and made outstanding administrative contributions the citation on the presented certificate will acknowledge this.

Personal Qualities

This is an essential criterion for acceptance into the Hall of Fame, and individuals nominated for either athlete or administrator membership must have conducted themselves throughout their sporting career in a manner that brings credit to themselves and Masters athletics.

Other Awards

AMA Awards

The Australian Masters Athletics (AMA) Annual Awards are presented each year to recognise the achievements of outstanding Australian Masters athletes and officials.

Each year a SAMA athlete is nominated to the AMA as a finalist in each Award category. The timeframe for these awards is a calendar year so summer competitors must perform well over two seasons.

The SAMA nominations for the 2023 AMA Awards presented at the Hobart Championships can be viewed here.

ASA Awards

The Athletics SA (ASA) Awards are presented each year to recognise the achievements of outstanding South Australian athletes and officials.

SAMA members who have been recent winners of the ASA Awards can be viewed here.

Individual Awards

Occasionally SAMA members are honoured with prestigious individual awards.

SAMA members who have been recent winners of the Individual Awards can be viewed here.

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