Summer Program 2022-23

2022-23 Summer T&F Season

SA Athletics Stadium at Mile End is available again in January 2023 after the track refurbishment so that SAMA will be able to resume Wednesday night track meets there from 11 January 2023. The 2022/23 Summer Season has now been extended to 17 May 2023 (download the latest program using the button below).

A full range of track and field disciplines will be offered as usual. Multi-events, steeplechase, hurdles and 10,000m run/walk are not held as part of the normal program, but are included in the SAMA summer championships.

Results for all our competitions, including Championships, can be found on the Results page. The photos from previous SAMA competitions can be viewed via our Facebook Gallery.

All are welcome to take part in our weekly competitions. However, only financial SAMA members are eligible for placing in State Age Group (SAG) Championships events. SAMA membership covers competition fees for the normal weekly program, but all competitors must pay a stadium training fee levied by the Stadium management payable by EFTPOS at the stadium entry gate (see the ORSR website for details of the fees). Registration for events is done at the SAMA desk inside the stadium (please allow 30 minutes before your first event).

The dates for all SAMA events including Championships are listed in the Summer Program, and full details of competition each week are shown in the Events Calendar . This year track events are again divided between three separate programs, alternating over a three week cycle, which are designated A, B and C . The field events programs will continue to alternate every two weeks, and these are designated as 1 and 2.

A number of the walks and runs during the season are conducted using predetermined handicaps, with the remainder held as scratch races, which include the SAG Championship events. See additional information below.

The timetables for both track and field programs and the specific dates on which each type of program will be held can be found in the Summer Program.

Download Summer Program
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SAMA Achievers Award

The SAMA Achievers Award will be continued to recognise individual athletes who strive from week to week to improve their performance ratings but who may not necessarily be at a “high” standard. The Achievers Award will be applicable only to financial members of SAMA and is based on their performances during the weekly SAMA competitions (for full details refer to the Awards section).

Bay Sheffield Carnival – the Exurbia SA Masters 800m Event

South Australian Masters Athletics had been invited by the South Australian Athletic League to stage a distance handicapped 800m on 27 December 2022  as part of the Bay Sheffield Carnival at Colley Reserve, Glenelg, which runs from 27-28 December 2022

However, due to the expected high temperature Day 1 of the carnival was changed to a twilight meet, and the Exurbia SA Masters 800m race was not included in the revised schedule.

Instead the race was held on Wednesday 11 January 2023 as part of the SAMA competition at Mile End stadium.  See the revised Event for further details.

View the results of the Exurbia 2023 800m Masters race.

Bob Clarke Challenge

SAMA will continue with the Bob Clarke Challenge series of races as per its 2022/23 Summer Track & Field Program. It is an event that will cater for sprinters as well as middle distance & distance runners of all ages, both male and female, competing together in two handicapped rounds (200m & 1000m) with the aim of qualification for a 500m, handicapped, final.

See the following documents for further details:

Bob Clarke Challenge 2023

Bob Clarke Challenge 2023_Entry Form

View the results of the 2021 Bob Clarke Challenge Final.

SAMA Stance on Mask Wearing

Whilst there is no longer a requirement to wear Face Masks under current SA Government COVID-19 restrictions, all participants at SAMA events still have the option of wearing a mask if they prefer. This is recommended when in close vicinity of other persons, such as at the start/finish line and check-in location, and all other times when physical distancing is not practical.  This is a personal choice and should be respected by others.

COVID-Safe Recommendations 

SA Masters Athletics will conduct their events safely and in a manner that minimises risk of  infection by COVID-19.  From 24 May 2022, SAMA is no longer required to operate under a COVID-Safe Plan.

However, it is recommended that all participants in SAMA competition, including athletes, officials, volunteers and spectators continue to follow health advice and maintain social distancing and wash or sanitise their hands regularly.  We also request that those persons who are feeling ill should refrain from taking part.

Championships & Special Events

AMA T&F National Championships SYD2023

Friday 10 March – Monday 13 March 2023.
Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre, Homebush

See the Event for details.

World Masters Athletics Indoor Championships -Torun 2023

March 26 – April 1, 2023.
Arena Torun, Torun, Poland

See the Event for details.

SAMA Summer Championships 2022-23

State Masters Athletics Championships (State Age Group Championships)

The Summer Championships are for all SAMA members, and we encourage you to enter. NB. Only financial members can enter summer championship events.

If you enjoy competing in the regular Track & Field competition you will enjoy the Championship competition. They are run basically as per our normal competition but results are determined by 5 year age groups and this means you will competing against those in your age group. A Certificate is awarded to all participating entrants, showing placing, performance and age-graded percentage for all their events. Please do not be put off by the fact that they are Championships – it will still be the same friendly competition.

The SAMA 10000m Run Championships are to be held in conjunction with Athletics SA on Sunday 30 October 2022. See the Event for further details.
The SAMA 10000m Track Walk Championships and Throws Pentathlon Championships will be held on Sunday 19 February 2023. See the Event for further details.
The remainder of the Championships are being held as part of our normal Wednesday competition as shown in the State Champs 2022-23 document.

Athletics SA Track & Field Season 2022-23

SAMA is a full member club with Athletics SA (ASA), so that SAMA members can compete in ASA competition. You will need to compete in a SAMA uniform and if you don’t have one please see the Uniforms page for information about ordering. The Summer Program also shows the dates of the ASA Championships for information of SAMA competitors.

All SAMA members who are financial for the 2022-23 membership year also have basic membership of Athletics SA (Bronze level) for 2022-23. For an extra annual fee, individuals may choose to upgrade their ASA membership to reduce the cost per day/event when competing in ASA competitions. See Competing with ASA 2022-23 for further details.

Financial members with SAMA as their Primary ASA club, who wish to upgrade their ASA membership from Basic, should contact the Registrar to initiate the upgrade.
Registrar: David Bates ( .

Information about the ASA Summer Track & Field Season can also be found on the ASA Website.

Program Information

COVID-19 Precautions

SAMA competition will be conducted to comply with the COVID-19 Public Activity Requirements for South Australia , which currently allows outdoor Athletics competitions to be conducted without any restrictions. However, it is recommended that all participants in SAMA competition continue to observe social distancing and take precautions to ensure the health and safety of all participants (see above).

SAMA is no longer required to operate under a COVID-Safe Plan.

Walking Events

In the spirit of inclusion SAMA introduced Club Walking into its program, to encourage current walkers who struggle with bent knees, previous walkers who no longer compete for fear of disqualification, and others who might like to try walking without the pressure of full Race Walking rules.

SAMA will continue to have two types of walking in its competition – Race Walking and Club Walking.

Race Walking will be conducted under IAAF rules with the “No advantage” concept applied as is done at National and International competition (for further information see Race-walking with SAMA).

For Club Walking the only rule is that there would be no running – which for our purposes will be defined by the requirement to always have one foot on the ground (bent knees will not be an issue). Walkers in this category can still be disqualified if they break the contact rule!

During normal SAMA competition, the differentiation between the two groups of walkers will only apply for ‘scratch’ races. For ‘handicap’ races (which are not judged) all walkers will be competing in a single Club Walk group.

As both types of walking would be in the same race the type of walking must be nominated on entry into ‘scratch races’. We will have some distinguishing feature on Race Walkers. Both types will have their own Club Championship events but there will only be records for Race Walking (which must fulfill the criteria for setting SAG records) and only Race Walkers would be eligible for the SAMA Walks Award (for further details refer to the Records & Awards section).

Other Information

Unless indicated as a ‘scratch’ program, the runs and walks are conducted using predetermined handicaps – see the SAMA Handicapping Information.

Lap scoring – please read the information in accompanying document.

Each week the program will be designated either as ‘scratch’ or as ‘handicap’, which will alternate in a bi-weekly cycle. The Summer Program shows the dates for scratch and handicap weeks.

On handicap days if more than one heat is required for 400m – the faster heat will be scratch.

Men and women compete together. W designates a walk (separate Race-walk & Club-walk events on Scratch days only).

The weight and size of implements used for the throws varies according the gender and age group of the competitor (see the AMA website for current specifications).

A summary of the Hot Weather Contingencies (extracted from the Extreme Weather section of the SAMA By-Laws) can be downloaded here.

Air pollution (including smoke from bushfires) can have detrimental effects on the performance and health of athletes. In particular, high risk groups such as people over 65 and individuals suffering from medical conditions such as Asthma are advised to take precautions when the air quality is poor.

Winter Program 2022

The 2022 Winter Season has finished. Results for all our competitions, including Championships, can be found on the Results page. The photos from previous SAMA competitions can be viewed via our Facebook Gallery.