South Australian
Masters Athletics

SA Masters Athletics (SAMA) caters for men and women athletes aged 30 years and above. The main aim of the Club is to provide an ongoing competition program for mature age athletes in South Australia for people of all athletic abilities.

You will find a varied program of Running, Walking and Field events conducted throughout most of the year. Some events are handicapped which encourages athletes of all abilities. Everyone is welcome to come and try.


Recent News & Announcements

SAMA Achievers Award – Summer 2021/22

At its meeting on 7 March the Committee decided to close the accumulation of points for the SAMA Achievers Award as at the last day of regular competition ie. 2 March 2022.  See here for the full list of the Award points accumulated by all members.

Congratulations to the the top three athletes in the Achievers Award for the Summer 2021/22 season who were placed as follows:
1st   – Gil McIntosh – 150 points; 2ndMatt Lovell – 139 points; 3rdDean Mortimer – 130 points

Each place-getter will receive a gift card and certificate, and the winner will receive an engraved trophy to keep.  These prizes will be presented at the Presentation Night at the stadium on Wednesday 23 March, following the competition that evening.

March 14th, 2022|

World Masters Athletics Rankings Website

Australian Masters Athletics (AMA) has extended its agreement with World Masters Rankings so that all members of State Masters Clubs affiliated to AMA will get full access to the Rankings site at no additional charge until 31 December 2022. See the Membership page for more details.

March 8th, 2022|

SAMA History Update

George White has again updated the history of the club in his publication “AGE IS AN ADVANTAGE: A History of Veterans/Masters Athletics In South Australia”  taking the narrative up to December 2021.  See the SAMA History section to download it as a PDF.

George has also scanned all the press clippings collected following the 50th Anniversary reunion and collated many of the historical photos (by year).  He has also collected together  a full set of digitised archival Newsletters. These materials are available to view in the SAMA Archives section

February 6th, 2022|
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The photos from SAMA competitions can be viewed via our Facebook Gallery .

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CONTACT INFO (click to reveal)

President: Sarah Chinner 0412 915 100
Vice PresidentAnne Lang 0457 070 934
SecretaryEdna Bates 0412 915 100
Treasurer: Richard Moyle 0417 831 194
RegistrarDavid Bates 0413 023 075

Runners Coordinators
(Summer) Sarah Chinner 0412 915 100
(Winter): See Other Contacts
Throwers CoordinatorAnn Jefferies 0417 716 892
Walkers Coordinator: See Other Contacts
Newsletter EditorAnn Jefferies 0417 716 892
Awards Officer: Bill Dickenson 0497 911 198
Uniform OfficerDavid Wilczek 0430 140 722
Social Organiser: Bill Dickenson 0497 911 198
Safety OfficerAnne Lang 0457 070 934
Club DelegateDavid Wilczek 0430 140 722
Webmaster: David Bates 0413 023 075
Committee Members:
George White 0419 348 888
Viddy Jermacans 0407 188 721

Runners Coodinator (Winter): Patricia Laird 0420 681 040
Walkers Coordinator: Graham Harrison 0439 500 751
Course Measurer: Doug Smart 0413 456 898
Promotions Officer : Stephanie Noon 0416 097 747
StatisticianRos Lowe 0437 811 582
Social SecretaryHelen Suridge 0401 009 982
Public Officer
Lisa Attenborough 0404 120 813

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