South Australian
Masters Athletics

SA Masters Athletics (SAMA) caters for men and women athletes aged 30 years and above. The main aim of the Club is to provide an ongoing competition program for mature age athletes in South Australia for people of all athletic abilities.

You will find a varied program of Running, Walking and Field events conducted throughout most of the year. Some events are handicapped which encourages athletes of all abilities. Everyone is welcome to come and try.


Recent News & Announcements

OMA Virtual Championships 2021

Oceania Masters Athletics conducted a Virtual Championships in lieu of the postponed Norfolk Island Championships. The final results of the OMA Virtual Championships are available to download.  Athletes who were placed in the top three in their age group may claim a certificate, which must be done before 26 February 2021.  See the Special Events section for full details.

February 10th, 2021|

Summer Program 2020/21

The Summer Program continues in February and includes the SAMA Throws Pentathlon & 10,000m Walk Championships – see the Events page for details.

Results will be available on the Results page as soon as possible after each competition, and any photos will be uploaded to our Facebook Gallery.

There have been additional changes in the Program due to rescheduling of the Walk Championships  and a revised Program (v6) is available to download from the Programs page.

January 29th, 2021|

Recent Photos posted on Facebook

Photos taken by Ros Lowe uploaded to our Facebook Gallery in January include:

  • SAMA competition on 20 January
  • SAMA  Women’s T&F Pentathlon on 20 January
  • SAMA Men’s T&F Pentathlon on 27 January
  • SAMA Friday Night Dinner at Maylands  Hotel on 29 January
January 27th, 2021|
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PresidentLisa Attenborough 0404 120 813
Vice PresidentAnne Lang 0457 070 934
SecretaryGeorge White 0419 348 888
Treasurer: Lisa Attenborough 0404 120 813
RegistrarDavid Bates 0413 023 075

Walkers CoordinatorGraham Harrison 0439 500 751
Runners CoordinatorPaul Lainio 0478 222 544
Throwers CoordinatorAnn Jefferies 0417 716 892
Awards Officer: Patricia Laird 0420 681 040
Course Measurer: Doug Smart 0413 456 898
Uniform OfficerDavid Wilczek 0430 140 722
Promotions Officer : Stephanie Noon 0416 097 747
David Bates 0413 023 075

Newsletter Editor: Richard Moyle (08) 8564 3249/ 0417 831 194
StatisticianRos Lowe 0437 811 582
Social OrganiserHelen Suridge 0401 009 982
Public Officer
Lisa Attenborough 0404 120 813

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