Club History



A History of Veterans/Masters Athletics in South Australia by George H White

Towards the end of 2009, George White completed the History of our Club and a small book "AGE IS AN ADVANTAGE: A History Of Veterans/Masters Athletics In South Australia" was produced. In 2015 he updated that history as a series of web documents, which were consolidated in 2017 into an updated single PDF document. This has now been updated again with the following:

• Further successes in Open competition

• Further women and men’s Open State Champions have been added

• SAMA Australian and World record holders have been updated

• Helen Suridge has been added to Life Members

• The medal winners for Dunedin Oceania and Perth National Championships have been added

• The narrative is up to July 2018

The document has now been compressed to 5.9MB and is accessible as a single downloadable document.

Please enjoy this update and let George know of any mistakes in English/spelling or facts. As always he would welcome any additional information, anecdotes and photos.

History Book - complete document View (PDF 5.9MB) Copyright 2018: George H. White