Daegu International Virtual Marathon 2021

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The annual athletics event, Daegu International Marathon, will take place this year as a virtual race. In an effort to promote athletics amid the prolonged COVID 19 crisis, the organisers would like to offer the opportunity to participate in the 2021 Daegu International Marathon – Virtual race, free of charge to WMA members.

Daegu International Virtual Marathon

The Daegu International Marathon event to be held in April are providing a free for WMA virtual marathon event.

Please note this is not an official WMA event, and does not count as any championship, this is a fun event for entry during these trying times and which we here at the WMA are thankful that competitions such as this can be held and involve our community

*How to participate at the Daegu Int’l Marathon – Virtual Race*

(1) Sign up for Daegu International Marathon on the official website after creating your ID.

(2) Download the Daegu International Marathon App on the GooglePlay or App Store. (Login and get a bib number.)

※ The official app is available to download starting on Monday, March 22, 2021 (Notification will pop up on the website.)

(3) Click “Race” to start your race → Community Review Posted → Mobile Recorded

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