2023 Bay Sheffield Carnival – Exurbia SA Masters 800m Event

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South Australian Masters Athletics has again been invited by the South Australian Athletic League to stage a distance handicapped 800m on 27 December 2023 as part of the Bay Sheffield Carnival at Colley Reserve, Glenelg, which runs from 27-28 December 2023.

The Exurbia SA Masters 800m handicap race will again feature on day one and is programmed to be run at 7.00pm. The presentations to place getters will follow the race.

The race is open to all SAMA members and the final list of entries and handicaps must be lodged with the organisers by Wednesday 13 December.

There is no entry fee, but participation is restricted to financial members of SA Masters Athletics.  Racing colours will be provided to runners prior to the race. It is suggested that runners wear their SAMA singlets.

This SAMA event is coordinated and distance-handicapped by Viddy Jermacans.

The SAMA event at the Bay Sheffield is sponsored by Exurbia (formerly the Scout Outdoor Centre), which provides Prize vouchers for the first three home.

Runners wishing to enter the race need to advise Viddy Jermacans by email or phone or text 0407 188721 by Monday 11 December so that handicaps can be calculated and final documentation prepared for entry.

Performances at both SAMA and ASA competitions in the current season will be used to determine handicaps. 

The confirmed entrants for the Exurbia Masters 800m race at the Bay Sheffield carnival will be contacted by Viddy Jermacans prior to the day of the race.

More about the Exurbia SA Masters 800m Event

This is a very exciting distance-handicapped event with the names of all athletes being broadcast in front of an enthusiastic crowd. It is a privilege for SA Masters Athletes to have been involved in this event for many years now, and it is vital that we put on an exciting, highly competitive race to remain so into the future. This is a rare opportunity for SA Masters Athletics to publicly showcase its provision for masters athletes.

Full information about the Bay Sheffield Carnival can be found at http://www.baysheffield.org.au/, where draft schedules are available, and a full program will be available at the SAAL Team App website.

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