AMA / SAMA Special Event – 20km Walk Championships / Half Marathon Championships

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SAMA winter competition Special Events to be held at Adelaide Harriers Clubrooms (Park 20), Peacock Road, Adelaide including the following events:

WalksAMA 20km Road Walk Championships and 20km SAMA Walk State Championships at 10.00am. There will be SAMA Championships for both Race Walkers and Club Walkers. Other distance on offer – 6km walk(scratch) at 10.10am.

Entries for the AMA 20km Road Walk Championships have now closed, but the 20km SAMA Walk State Championships may be entered on the day.

The AMA Championships also allowed for postal entries ( States and Territories to complete their event between 22/07/2023 and 20/08/2023) – see the AMA website for details.

RunsSAMA Half-Marathon State Championships at 10.10am. Other distance on offer – 4km run (scratch) at 10.10am.

The Half-Marathon race is eligible for the 2023 AMA Postal Half-Marathon Championships.
NB. All competitors are responsible for registering for these Postal Championships and for submitting their own results (see the AMA website for details).

Course Maps for South Australian Races

Walks and support Runs: 2km-Walk-Course-Map-Park20-2023

Half-Marathon: Extension of 2km Walk course.

NB.  These events are being at Park 20 in the Adelaide South Parklands (start near Adelaide Harriers Clubrooms off Peacock Road – see the accompanying venue map)

Parking Options

  • in South Terrace both east and west
  • along Peacock Road
  • along Unley Road
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