Australian Masters Games – Perth 2022

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Discover the magic of the Australian Masters Games in Perth, where sport, festivities and adventure combine for the trip of a lifetime.

The postponed 2021 Australian Masters Games will now take place from 23 – 30 April 2022 in Perth, Western Australia.


Early Bird registrations for the Australian Masters Games, 23-30 April 2022, are officially open!

Additional Information – Athletics

  • Late entries may be accepted prior to the commencement of AMG, subject to overall AMG policy. During the games period late entries for the athletics events will be accepted only from persons who are already registered AMG participants and only for non-stadium events. Closing times for such entries will be one hour before the events start times. An additional late entry fee of $15 will be charged.
  • Participants may enter any number of events, but they should consider possible time clashes. Athletics organisers will endeavour to avoid overlap of like events and will permit variation to the order of field event trials where required if time permits.
  • Athletics organisers cannot guarantee that the timetable will enable multiple event entrants to have access to all nominated events.
  • Please note that in the event of insufficient entries to conduct heats, the race will be held at the programmed final time.
  • Athletes are permitted to use spikes with a maximum of 7mm in length.
  • In the sprint races, blocks will be available to those who wish to use them but they are not compulsory. Standing and three point starting positions are permitted.

For further information including schedule and entry fees payable see

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