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A winter throwing group will again be held at SA Athletics Stadium approximately every TWO WEEKS on Sunday mornings, starting at 9.30am, from 23 April 2017 until the end of September. Each training session will be held in the outside throwing area (behind the equipment storage sheds on the north side of the track). All five throws events will be covered through the winter. Cost will be $5 to cover the stadium training entry fee for each session attended (payable to David Bates).

All welcome - no booking required. This will be an opportunity to hone your throwing skills and get in some regular practice before the next summer season. Note that we are starting earlier this year to provide additional sessions for those throwers preparing for the 2017 AMA Track & Field Championships to be held in Darwin, 9-12 June.

SAMA Throws Training dates in 2017: 23 Apr, 7 May, 21 May, 4 Jun, 25 Jun, 9 Jul, 30 Jul, 13 Aug, 20 Aug, 3 Sep, 17 Sep* (*note change).


All coaches associated with SAMA must be Accredited Athletics Coaches. That is, they must be registered and financial with Athletics Australia. Athletics SA only endorses accredited athletics coaches. Anyone wishing to become accredited should attend one of the courses being organised by ASA (an explanation of the different coaching levels can be found here). See the ASA website for full details of the courses.

Alternatively, someone with many years of coaching experience may request to be considered for Recognised Prior Learning (RPL), so that they do not need to sit through a course. This can be organised through Athletics Australia. Full details of the Athletics Australia Coach Accreditation Framework and RPL can be found here.

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