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SAMA Club Records

The historical and current South Australian State Age Group (SAG) records (SAMA Club Records) can be viewed as a web file. See also the bottom of this page for other viewing and downloading options.

All SAMA and ASA members are eligible to set new SAG Records , but in doing so the Rules relating to setting records must be complied with. Where applicable, records can only be accepted when Masters Technical Specifications are used.

If you believe that you have set a new Club Record, please notify the SAMA Statistician, Ros Lowe. We try to keep aware of new record performances, but the onus is on the athlete achieving the record to ensure that it is notified to the SAMA Statistician for ratification.

SA Citizen of the Year 2020

Congratulations to SAMA member Allan Mayfield who received the award of South Australian Citizen of the Year at the Australia Day 2020 awards night.

"It has been said that very few people within the Clare Valley have not benefited in some way from the work achieved by Allan Mayfield. An agronomist by trade, demonstrating strong leadership with a practical and conciliatory approach towards problem solving, Allan has also devoted himself to numerous community events and committees.

Allan has increased the profile of Clare, not only in SA, but also nationally and internationally. From securing funding from Federal and State Governments to extend The Riesling Trail, contributing to the community through Lions, to liaising with local governments and discussing issues with landowners, Allan has established himself within the community as a committed individual working to improve the lives of the people of Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council."

ASA 2019/20 Awards

Congratulations to the following SAMA members who were sucessful in the Athletics SA 2019/20 Awards, at the Virtual 2019/20 ASA Awards presented by Viva.

Road, Cross Country & Walks - Winter Awards

O35 Male Athlete of the Year - George White
O35 Female Athlete of the Year – Karen Pienaar

Track & Field Summer Awards

O35 Male Athlete of the Year – Allan Mayfield
O35 Female Athlete of the Year – Miriam Cudmore
O35 Female Summer Premiership – SA Masters

Perpetual Trophies

Emerging Official of the Year – Paul Greenwood

SAMA Awards

SAMA Athletics Awards

Each year awards are made for athletic excellence in our club. The timeframe is a calendar year so summer competitors must perform well over two seasons. Categories for these awards parallel Australian Masters Athletic Awards and category winners are nominated to the AMA. Click here for information on the SAMA Athletic Awards.

A summary of the SAMA Athletic Awards for 2019 is available to download. The winners will be presented with their trophies at a later date, since the Summer Presentation Night on 1/4/2020 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

SAMA Achievers Award

In 2020 the SAMA Achievers Award has been introduced to recognise individual athletes who strive from week to week to improve their performance ratings but who may not necessarily be at a “high” standard.

The Achievers Award will be applicable only to financial members of SA Masters Athletics (SAMA) and based on their performances during the weekly SAMA competitions (for full details refer to the PDF).

The three athletes scoring the highest award points total will each receive Awards consisting of a Certificate and gift card. The Winner will also receive a Trophy.

Summer 2019/20 Achievers Award     Full list of the Final Award Points accumulated for the 2019/20 SAMA summer season by all members
1. Malcolm Tiggemann 110 pts
(Winner of the SAMA Achievers Award for Summer 2019-20)

2. Vicky Caputo 104 pts

3. Ros Lowe 98 pts
Winter 2020 Achievers Award    Full list of the Final Award Points accumulated for the 2020 SAMA winter season by all members
1. Cathie Hore 29 pts
(Winner of the SAMA Achievers Award for Winter 2020)

2. John Hore 28 pts

3. David Robertson 27 pts

AMA Awards

The SAMA 2019 Athletics Awards winners were finalists for the 2019 AMA Awards. These awards are presented each year to recognise the achievements of outstanding Australian Masters athletes.

The 2019 AMA award winners were announced on-line during the 2020 AMA Awards Presentations (YouTube).

Congratulations to two SAMA Members who have been announced as the winners of AMA Awards for 2019; Miriam Cudmore and Allan Mayfield.


Miriam Cudmore
Winner of the AMA Most Outstanding Female Athlete Award for 2019.
Allan Mayfield
Winner of the AMA Middle Distance/Steeplechase Award for 2019.

AMA Merit Awards

An Award of Merit may be made by Australian Masters Athletics Inc. to any person to recognize outstanding service to masters athletics in any State or Territory of Australia. A person nominated for this award shall have recorded at least 12 years of service to masters athletics.

In September 2017, George White was announced as a 2017 recipient of the AMA Merit Award in recognition of his ‘Services to SA Masters Athletics (and beyond)’. SA Master Athletics nominated George based on his outstanding service to masters athletics at state, national and world levels, both as an administrator and as a competitor over a period exceeding 20 years. To find out more about George's contributions to masters athletics, see this article (PDF).

All recipients of the AMA Merit Awards can be found on the AMA website.

South Australian State Age Group (Club) Records

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SAMA Results for Individuals 2004-2010 (viewed as a google document)

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