Summer Program 2020-2021

It is anticipated that the Athletics Stadium at Mile End will be available for SAMA to conduct its regular Wednesday night summer competitions commencing on 14 October 2020.

The latest Summer Program is available to download (v4 - 21/9/2020). Details of the SAMA Summer Competition are shown below.


The 2020-21 Summer season will be conducted to comply with the SA Roadmap for Easing COVID-19 Restrictions , which allows outdoor Athletics competitions to be conducted, subject to a number of conditions being met. These include a cap on the numbers of competitors, the need to continue to observe social distancing, and taking precautions to ensure the health and safety of all participants. The details of the conditions that will apply for our competitions at SA Athletics Stadium will be advised on this page when confirmed.

SAMA will operate under a COVID-Safe Plan, which provides a list of obligations that must be complied with to undertake competition. All members, including athletes, volunteers and officials should refer to the plan and become familiar with what needs to be done to ensure our club stays COVID-Safe. SAMA encourages and supports the downloading of the COVID-Safe app to allow contact tracing.

SAMA will have a COVID Marshall at all competitions and events. All participants are required to follow the instructions given by the COVID Marshall .

The COVID Marshall is required by law to have completed the required training and to ensure that:

  • infection control practices (eg: frequent handwashing / sanitising) are followed
  • people are complying with density requirements and physical distancing principle
  • all COVID Safe Plans are effectively implemented and monitored

SA Masters Athletics is committed to observing all precautions that have been and may be introduced in the future to curb the spread of COVID-9 in the South Australian community.  The latest information about the measures put in place by the SA Government can be found at https://www.sa.gov.au/covid-19.

Athletics SA Competition

SAMA is a full member club with ASA, so that SAMA members can compete in ASA competition. You will need to compete in a SAMA uniform and if you don’t have one please see the Uniforms page for information about ordering. The Summer Program also shows the dates of the ASA Championships for information of SAMA competitors.

All SAMA members who are financial for the 2020-21 membership year also have Basic membership of Athletics SA for 2020-21. For an extra annual fee, individuals may choose to upgrade their ASA membership to a Traditional or Platinum membership to reduce the cost per day/event when competing in ASA competitions. See the Competing with ASA document for a summary of the most important aspects, and further information can be found on the ASA web site.

Information about the ASA Summer Track & Field Season can also be found on the ASA Website.

SAMA Summer Competition

A full range of track and field disciplines is covered during the summer season at SA Athletics Stadium each Wednesday evening. Multi-events, steeplechase and 10,000m run/walk are not held as part of the normal program, but are included in the SAMA summer championships.

SAMA membership covers competition fees for the normal weekly program, but a stadium entry fee is charged by the Stadium management. Registration for events is done on arrival at the stadium (please allow 30 minutes before your first event).

This year track events will again be divided between three separate programs, alternating over a three week cycle, which are designated A, B and C . The field events programs will continue to alternate every two weeks, and these are designated as 1 and 2. The specific dates on which each type of program will be held can be found in the Summer Program. The timetables for both track and field programs are shown below.

We are again running the ‘Bob Clarke Memorial Challenge’, which was introduced last year consisting of a distance-handicapped event in which sprinters and distance runners compete against each other to win a trophy.

Next Summer Meet

The first summer competition will be on Wednesday 14 October 2020 at SA Athletics Stadium, and will have Program A,1 events (handicap), as shown in the timetable below.

It will include the first 800m qualifier for the invitational 800m Masters Race at the Bay Sheffield Carnival in December.

Program Timetables 2020-2021

eg. Program A,1 = TrackA + Field1

Track A



Track B



Track C



Field 1



Field 2








































































Modified competitions

Please note that there will several occasions this summer when modified programs are scheduled, as shown in the Summer Program.

Other information

Unless indicated as a 'scratch' program, the runs and walks are conducted using predetermined handicaps.

Each week the program will be designated either as 'scratch' or as 'handicap', which will alternate in a bi-weekly cycle. The Summer Program shows the dates for scratch and handicap weeks.

On handicap days if more than 1 heat is required for 400, 800, 1000 or 1500m – the faster heat will be scratch.

Men and women compete together. W designates a walk (separate Race-walk & Club-walk events on Scratch days only).

The weight and size of implements used for the throws varies according the gender and age group of the competitor (see the AMA website for current specifications).

SAMA membership covers competition fees for the normal weekly program, but a stadium entry fee is charged by the Stadium management.

A summary of the Hot Weather Contingencies (extracted from the Extreme Weather section of the SAMA By-Laws) can be downloaded from the Information page.

Walking events

In the spirit of inclusion SAMA introduced Club Walking into its program, to encourage current walkers who struggle with bent knees, previous walkers who no longer compete for fear of disqualification, and others who might like to try walking without the pressure of full Race walking rules.

SAMA will continue to have two types of walking in its competition – Race Walking and Club Walking.

Race Walking will be conducted under IAAF rules with the “No advantage” concept applied as is done at National and International competition.

For Club Walking the only rule is that there would be no running - which for our purposes will be defined by the requirement to always have one foot on the ground (bent knees will not be an issue). Walkers in this category can still be disqualified if they break the contact rule!

During normal SAMA competition in the Track & Field season, the differentiation between the two groups of walkers will only apply for 'scratch' races. For 'handicap' races (which are not judged) all walkers will be competing in a single group.

As both types of walking would be in the same race the type of walking must be nominated on entry into 'scratch races'. We will have some distinguishing feature on Race Walkers. Both types will have their own Club Championship events but there will only be records for Race Walking (which must fulfill the criteria for setting SAG records) and only Race Walkers would be eligible for the SAMA Walks Award.


The Summer Championships are for all SAMA members, and we encourage you to enter. If you enjoy competing in the regular Wednesday competition you will enjoy the Championship competition. They are run basically as per our normal competition but results are determined by 5 year age groups and this means you will competing against those in your age group. A Certificate is awarded to all participants detailing all events entered, your place, performance and age-graded percentage. Please do not be put off by the fact that they are Championships – it will still be the same friendly competition.

Saturday 24 October 2020 (morning). State Masters Athletics Championships 10000m Run at SA Athletics Stadium (details to follow).

The SAMA 10,000m Championships will be run together with the Athletics SA State 10,000m Championships. All ASA O35 athletes and SA Masters athletes will be eligible for both championships.

Details of the full SAMA Summmer Championships program will be advised here.

Winter Program 2020  

The SAMA winter program has now finished. Results for all our competitions, including Championships, can be found on the Results page. The photos from previous SAMA competitions can be viewed via the Gallery.

The results of the Winter Achievers Award were announced at the Winter Presentation on 12 September 2020. The three athletes scoring the highest award points total are shown below. Each will receive Awards consisting of a Certificate and gift card. The Winner (Cathie Hore) will also receive a Trophy.

1. Cathie Hore 29 pts
(Winner of the SAMA Achievers Award for Winter 2020)

2. John Hore 28 pts

3. David Robertson 27 pts

A full list of the Final Award Points accumulated for the 2020 SAMA winter season by members is available to download.