Winter Program 2020  

The winter competition is normally held each Saturday afternoon at various venues in the parklands around Adelaide, from May to September. Details of the next SAMA Meet are shown below.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 2020 Winter season commenced later than originally planned. Step 2 of the SA Roadmap for Easing COVID-19 Restrictions allowed outdoor Athletics competitions to be conducted from 1 June, subject to a number of conditions being met. These included a cap on the numbers of competitors (increased to 150 from Monday 29 June under Step 3), the need to continue to observe social distancing, and taking precautions to ensure the health and safety of all participants.

SAMA has lodged a COVID-Safe Plan (updated 28/6/2019 for Step 3 ), which provides a list of obligations that must be complied with to commence competition. All members, including athletes, volunteers and officials should refer to the plan and become familiar with what needs to be done to ensure our club stays COVID-Safe. SAMA encourages and supports the downloading of the COVID-Safe app to allow contact tracing.

From Saturday 4 July SAMA is running a modified program of Combined Competition for the remainder the winter season (July-September), as shown in the SAMA 2020 Winter Program Part 2 v5 (updated 3/7/2020). This is subject to Step 3 of the SA Roadmap for Easing COVID-19 Restrictions.

SAMA Combined Competition will be run together for walkers and runners (Walks_Group A & Runs_Group B) at the same course venue, but must comply with the requirement for social distancing and the one person per 2sq.m. density rule (a maximum of 150 competitors is allowed outdoors). The competition will be run according to the principles and conditions stated in the Scheme for SAMA Combined Competition in Winter Program Part2 (updated 2/7/2020).

The Groups will be sub-divided so that the athletes doing the same distance for a walk or a run will start together at the times shown for the next SAMA meet below. The same race clock will be used to record the times for all competitors.

On-Line Registration

To keep the check-in process as simple as possible on the day of competition and thereby assist in maintaining social distancing, Members are asked to Pre-Register online for each week's competition as a walker or a runner, using the Registration links given for the next SAMA meet below (preference will always be given to financial SAMA Members).

The deadline for registration will be the preceding Thursday at 11.45pm.

Members who have successfully registered for a run or walk using the on-line registration system will receive a confirmation email automatically, and they can be assured of a place in the race which they have selected during registration.

If unable to register, a member should contact Lisa Attenborough by email (or on 0404 120 813), and she will put that person on the list manually. Registration on the day at the competition venue is also possible.

Next SAMA Meet

Saturday 11 July 2020
SAMA Winter Season - Week 5 - West Beach (Barcoo Road) - behind the Adelaide Sailing Club

All races are scratch. Please register for either a Walk or a Run by 11.45pm on Thursday 9 July using one of the following links:

Walks_Group A ; 10km - 1.45pm, 5km - 2.00pm ( Club walks & Race walks). Registration link; West Beach - Walk

Runs_Group B ; 10km - 2.15pm, 5km - 2.30pm, 2.5km - 2.45pm [ Beach run if conditions allow]. Registration link; West Beach - Run

Both groups will check-in at the same location at the course venue as shown by the red pin in the Location Map.

SAMA Virtual Winter Competition (modified)

The Virtual Winter Competition will be continued for those members who are unwilling or unable to take part in the Saturday SAMA Combined Competition (SAMA meet), or do not wish to travel (eg. Country members).

The following modified format will apply:

I. For Non-Championship events only, members will be allowed to run/walk the chosen programmed event at a venue of their choice any time in the week leading up to the Saturday of the SAMA meet.

Saturday 11 July - the allowed distances will be 10km, 5km & 2.5km for runners and 10km & 5km for walkers.

II. Walkers participating outside of the Saturday meet will be considered to have Club Walked.

III. Only one entry for a specific event will be accepted (and no splits), but different events may be completed (eg. one during the week and one on Sat pm with the SAMA meet, or a walk in the morning and run in the afternoon)

IV. If a member competes in the same event during the week and on Saturday at the SAMA meet, the SAMA meet results will be used.

V. Performances achieved outside the SAMA meet will NOT count towards accumulation of points for the Winter Achievers Award.

Runners and walkers will complete any of the the allowed distances at any course at any time in the week leading up to the Saturday of the SAMA meet. You will need to time yourselves and then later that day send your time (stating the distance and run or walk) by email to John Hore [email], or SMS your results to John on 0417 858882 (for either method all that is required is your Competition Number (and/or name), Event and Result; eg. 110 4krun 23.32 ).

Please do not break your splits into different events. The maximum distance completed in each individual run or walk should be submitted.

John will collate results and and include them in the results for that Saturday's SAMA meet to be posted on the SAMA website, to enable everyone to see how they compared to others as well as their age grading.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should consider taking part in the SAMA Competitions only if you are comfortable leaving your home to exercise, are not required to self-isolate, are careful about social distancing and abide by all COVID-19 restrictions, such as limitations on numbers of people gathering that may apply now or going forward*.  Your decision to take part should be based on your own personal circumstances.

Due to insurance requirements the Virtual Competition is open only to SAMA members, but you may decide to invite others to accompany you so long as all comply with the conditions stated above. Please note that participants aren’t covered by event insurance unless they are an Athletics SA member (which includes all SAMA competing members).

*SA Masters Athletics is committed to observing all precautions that have been and may be introduced in the future to curb the spread of COVID-9 in the South Australian (SA) community.  The latest information about the measures put in place by the SA Government can be found at https://www.sa.gov.au/covid-19.


Summer Program 2019-2020

The SAMA summer competition finished prematurely on Wednesday 11 March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.