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Competition Photos

Photos for all four days of the Championships are available to download.

Official Championship Photography

On all four days of the Championships, professional photographs were taken during competition at the Athletics Stadium and also at the Non-Stadia Venues. All photos taken at the Championships are avallable on the Michael's Photos website as full-size images for the anyone to view or download, free of charge.

Photos of Competitors

Soon after the Championships, each competitor received a personalised email with links to a number of photographs of themselves competing. The competitor had the option to save the email or click on the links to download the photos from the Photographers website. These images are also free to download from Michael's Photos website.

Hard copies are also be available to purchase on the Photographers website, well under market rates, or the competitor has the option to arrange for their own printing of the downloaded images.

Photography Links

Australian Masters Athletics 2016

Photos are available on Michael's Photos website - click on the link above to go straight there.

Please direct all enquiries to Michael's Photos


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